5 ALIVE…the BIG HIGH 5 to dublab HANDS ON proton drive

Cinco de Mayo has been quite an eventful day this year…

1. Rickey quietly releases Evil Monito

2. Elvis gets around to telling me that he is getting married to a Chilean

3. Julie Solomon of Visionary Media House and I begin planning a very exciting community art event at her eco-house in Echo Park that will be featured on the Discovery Channel

4. I receive a tempting and lucrative proposition to work in Korea for a year

..and yet I gotta say that the best of all things for me today was:

5. The dublab HANDS ON proton drive has begun! I shied away from going on-air with Frosty this am, and opted to nod my head to Matthew David, Anthony Valadez, and the cute-as-a-button Swedish singer, Kissy (anyone have a link for this girl??). Pink Cloud has been representing dublab for its sponsorships and tie-ins over the past few months now, and are very grateful to all those who sponsored this drive, especially to GOOD magazine who just came in with their support this evening. “5 foot Jen” is helping GOOD out and hinted to some ideas to get me tapped in to the goodness, we will see where that takes us… in the meanwhile, dublab will be filmed by Current TV on Wednesday, and you just might see me in the corner frame texting away as usual.

Venga! La cambia nunca cambia!


~ by pinkcloudevents on May 6, 2008.

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