SS x FF x 360 = “Alter Eco”

This weekend my friend Peter Glatzer provided me with the opportunity to introduce Adrian Grenier to Fallen Fruit, an urban activist art project that asks us to reconsider our neighborhood and interact with our city using fruit as a catalyst for discussion. For this particular event, Fallen Fruit took us and the crew of Discovery Channel’s Planet Green show ‘Alter Eco” on a fruit picking trip in Silverlake. It was so much fun learning about new fruits like calamondrin (aka: filipino lime) of the kumquat family, and interacting with the neighborhood in a whole new way! We took our fallen fruit back and made an infusion with 360 vodka. I show you here the final product of Fallen Fruit’s labor where they let the vodka sit for a week and then affixed a special label on the bottles, which were shared with friends at the Pharmaka gallery in downtown LA.

Be sure to check back in and view our flickr for more pictures, we hope to upload them very soon but have a wave of things happening right now…thanks for your patience!


~ by pinkcloudevents on May 13, 2008.

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