Amor de comida en CIUDAD

Had a nice lunch today at CIUDAD with Kathryn, the catering director for Mary Sue Milliken and Sue Feniger’s CIUDAD and Border Grill. The food was great, as usual – you can always count on a good meal when you go here. Kathryn is trying to get the word out that CIUDAD does catering and, not only that, but they are using locally grown produce and organic rice in their list of exotic ingredients, also they only use hormone-free chicken and beef as well as sustainable seafood…so you feel really good after your meal. After a gorgeous tray of desserts was polished off by the two of us (and I gotta say that the tres leches was seriously to die for), Kathryn showed me a cool location that is very reasonably priced in their upstairs courtyard which has fountains, view of the city, and beautiful trees – the space can hold up to 1,000 people and we look forward to planning an event there soon. Check out the catering menu of CIUDAD and say hello to Kathryn for me!

~ by pinkcloudevents on May 27, 2008.

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