Video booths are the best!!

Had a great time at the Battleground Earth concert – although the Greek needs to step it up in their eco-practices, as the bottle of wine we got was not organic and worst off poured into a plastic carafe, into plastic cups. Didn’t stop us from having a good time though – and Michelle and Elaina and I made a hilarious video of that Shorty Got Low Ludacris song. Video booths. Get one for your event. Never fails to deliver.

It was nice to run into our friends from the House of Cassette at the show, and later Elaina and I brought some soju to the dublab studios where Frosty and Ale were in the middle of their 24 hour live fund drive. I guess they did pretty well and got a lot of support, which we are very happy to hear.

~ by pinkcloudevents on May 30, 2008.

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