High Tea with Alejandra

Met up with my girl, Ale – leader singer and songwriter of the all female punk band Virago (RIP…sniff) – who told me some pretty funny stories about being the only girl in a house of 10 punks located within Boyle Heights. It was interesting to hear stories about this clan (the bulk of which make their living as bike messengers) living together under one roof during a tough economy. Their determination to support each other and live communally while maintaining their own personal identities was pretty inspiring, and I hope that we will be reading about Ale’s life in more detail soon. I’m really proud of Ale sticking up for herself and gaining the respect of these guys while doing her part to recycle all those beer bottles and cans, as well as look towards a sustainable future by starting a community garden.

Ale is also an incredible dancer, and has agreed to put together a flamenco dance performance for the Abbot Kinney Festival. We are really getting this thing GOING… Not only that, but she’s going to talk to her bike messenger buds to do a bike polo demonstration for the little VIP artist reception we’re putting together. Should be pretty awesome. Check out the video below to see what bike polo is — ours is going to be like this but imagine a much better soundtrack…


~ by pinkcloudevents on June 5, 2008.

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