Aardvark Letterpress House Turns 40, and Brings it Down with Mind-blowing Editions and the 14 year old DJs

We want to give a big, warm and happy congratulations to our friends (and especially YOU – Cary and Lisa!!) at Aardvark Letterpress, who celebrated their 40th year anniversary last Thursday at their storefront in MacArthur Park.

Aardvark is totally amazing, 40 years of being an independently owned Latino-family business that has kept the art of letterpress alive along with a solid work ethic and genuine kindness that can be so rare to find. To celebrate their 40th, Aardvark Letterpress Fine Art Editions collaborated with 18 artists to make the first of a three part limited edition series of Loteria-inspired cards. They are absolutely incredible, and if you buy the full set it comes in one of the most beautifully bound cases I have seen. Check out the art here.

I brought my little twin star, Grace Kim, and we saw the happiest faces on those who purchased pieces, including Carol Stakenas of LACE, and Ed’s dad who honored the anniversary of Letitia Fernandez Ivins of the LA County Arts Commission and Edward Pine Steven of Jointlab… so friggin cute!

And I have to give a shout out to my new favorite DJs under 16, Jackson Howard and Casey Alexander… expect to see these kids tearing it up on a Pink Cloud dance floor soon. That’s Casey below playing with the knobs while his ultra-cute band aid looks on.

Thanks again to Cary Ocon, Lisa Jane Persky, and everyone at Aardvark Letterpress for one of the best parties in 2008. Can’t wait to be with you for the second run! Viva Aardvark!!!


~ by pinkcloudevents on June 11, 2008.

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