All That She Wants

There’s me with Billy and Jae of the House of Cassette on the top deck of the All That She Wants showroom. Photo swiped from Peter James Lee and the HOC blog. Andrea Westerlind of ATSW was throwing a fete to show off the lines in her beautiful 4 story penthouse on 5th and Spring. It was nice to see some old friends – JG of American Rag Cie and Mike Murphy of Fyasko – both of which I went to high school with in the YL.

Also, I got to see some interesting video art and fashion houses I had not been familiar with previously. Check out Anzevino & Florence – they have beautifully crafted dresses and their site shows color changing shirts from their last collection, which totally rocks my world. Another interesting line Andrea is carrying is Hope, which was nominated as Swedish Elle’s Designer of the Year in 2007. There were also these cool sustainable tees with big graphics on them, the sales of which benefit the crisis in Darfur and other countries in need. That was also called HOPE – Helping Other People Everywhere – and seems like a good organization to support.

Peter, Jae, Billy – hold me some of those crazy patterned jeans I saw!! I’m gonna rock those!!


~ by pinkcloudevents on June 13, 2008.

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