Vibiana, Vasarely, Ventures, Viens!!

Met up for lunch today with Anika of Vibiana. We hadn’t seen each other since the fashion show we did in October and it was nice to catch up over a gorgeous roasted beet salad from Pete’s Cafe. Anika was talking about all the hard work it takes to put on a glamorous party in downtown LA and her upcoming wedding to be held at one of my favorite venues, Marvimon. We hope to be working again at Vibiana on some exciting projects.

On the way to Vibiana, I was inspired by our intern Caroline to take the Metro and grabbed a book off the shelf – was happily inspired by the beautiful composition of color and geometry of French artist Victor Vasarely, the godfather of op-art. Shot an email over to Chad at ecopop and introduced him to Vasarely’s work – I’m thinking that geometric abstraction is going to be a big influencer of the CONNECTED brand image, since Vasarely’s approach to creating his art is similar to how I will approach the layout of a space and also because I see science and emotion as two main influencers of green living.

Had a nice chat with my friend Joe who moved to a new position at the Bank of America handling hundreds of millions of dollars for a variety of industries – his financial acumen and understanding of business growth and the economy could be monstrously frightening if you didn’t always hear the smile on the other end of the line. I hope our busy schedules allow us to hold our promise to catch up again in person over the next few weeks.

Tonight I’m going to meet up with a new friend, who has invited me to check out French Tuesdays – something I’ve heard about for awhile now but never took the chance to go. Say hello and talk to me more about Vasarely over a glass of Moet if you are there. Bisous…


~ by pinkcloudevents on June 24, 2008.

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