Almost, but not quite…

Yesterday I met up with video director Casey Anderson at Andiamo Silverlake to check out this authentic Italian restaurant that has this whole eco-friendly thing going on. Had a nice laugh with the staff and guests there, as one woman was telling Casey that her little boy was asking her incessantly “Why is Casey on the TV?” while watching some movie with Ryan Reynolds in it. Personally, I think Casey is hotter than RR and is stepping it up in the style department – he’s the one on the right. Anyway, I stuck my tongue back in my mouth after google imaging Ryan Reynolds to find loads of pictures with his shirt off and X-ray visioning Casey with an RR body… the salad I ordered with special additions was actually really good and got my mind out of the gutter and back into the Italian heavens. Casey introduced me to Chef Anthony, who was very gracious in helping me put together a menu last minute for a little private pajama flashlight dance party I’m having tonight with my friends Kai, Jessie, and Tait. Can’t wait to have a slice of the vegan pizza they’re making for us and to come back for more pie in the sky at  Andiamo.

Afterwards showed up to meet Dino and Gloria at La Casa India to talk about YOU WEAR IT WELL 3. Dino is working out a pretty exciting venue and after-party idea for LA that I can’t wait to share with you once it’s confirmed. Being with Dino and Gloria is also so educational for me when it comes to fashion and art – Dino told us his new work that was commissioned by some giant denim house outside of the US called Lee Cooper. They apparently sent him over bolts of denim fabric to make an art piece about AIDS and he decided to ignore all of that and asked 10 artists or fashion designers living with AIDS to write their name and the date they found out they had AIDS on the inside of their favorite pair of jeans, include a little something in the pocket as a gift to whoever purchased the jeans and that was that. I found his approach to be actually pretty moving and wish that I could be at Lee Cooper’s 100th year anniversary to see it in person. Alas, it’s the same night as the Abbot Kinney Festival, which I really wouldn’t miss – even for Dino.
After my time with Dino & Gloria, I went over to the Mindshare space to enjoy the practice of making sushi with Adam Mefford and his friends. He had recently taken a class at Hip Cooks East in Downtown LA. Somehow, although I hadn’t taken the class, I knew just as much about making sushi as the guys….had a fun time and the sushi turned out really good – the rice is always the key!! I had invited Jen Sall from the newly formed “union” to join us as she just got into Los Angeles after driving cross country from Boulder. Jen consults on some of our events as a green product placement specialist, but right now she’s working on the hustle to build union and it sounds like she has got her hands full, which I was very happy to hear. Kill it, Jen!


~ by pinkcloudevents on June 26, 2008.

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