Pink Cloud Don’t Sleep Weekend Re-cap

Saturday: I met up with Kim Sharp, who is organizing the Abbot Kinney Festival and we walked through the EcoFest that was happening. It was pretty much what I would think most people would expect from a green festival in Venice – but where were all the people? I am guessing no one showed up because their flier totally blows. Kim reassured me that the AK Fest is totally packed comparatively and no worries.

After the festival, I met with Kyla of GOOD magazine – she was in town from New York and wanted to meet with me about producing GOOD December (a pop-up community center and store) for the first time in Los Angeles. We actually had a lot in common and the three-week event looks promising, just have to sort out our calendar and make it happen.

I jetted over to make a quick stop to Ryan Rifkin’s house to get slaughtered in the portable bean bag game, Baggo…Then over to the killer house of Ryan Scott, CEO of, for a pool party. Ran into lots of good people there and met some new interesting ones – including a CNN anchorwoman, an overbearing PR guy (not you, Yosi…) and the new marketing director for American Apparel.

I skiddaddled out of there and made my way into Chinatown to check out PARTY FAVORS – a show at the Bonelli Contemporary that art critic Holly Myers put together. Fallen Fruit‘s drinkable art was there and I’m glad I got there in time to try it before it ran out. They are really onto something with this project, it’s being requested all over the world and I hear the next stop is Vienna. Also met Taylor Ameson and a cool artist named Tao Urban who DJ’d the night with this pretty sweet speaker system / middle eastern inspired lounge furniture set-up.

With some Neighborhood Infusions happiness, I went over to the wrap party for Alter Eco at my friend Peter’s house and had an awesome time dancing and swapping funny stories with cast, crew, and friends.

Sunday: I actually ran into this guy Ethan, who I met on Saturday night, that plays in Adrian’s band. We were both at the Hyperion Tavern doing the Tomahawk-e-oke that my friend Kim from Cinderella Motel puts on. Renatta tapped me in as a reinforcement for the scene, although it looked like she didn’t need it as she shook her groove thang to some guy’s hilarious rendition of Cher’s Believe.

Texted back and forth and back and forth with Andrew Lojero of Art Don’t Sleep – that guy really doesn’t sleep, as I am awake at 5 am he’s still up building Los Angeles into the “music mecca” of our generation. Respect.

~ by pinkcloudevents on June 30, 2008.

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