My birthday party with dublab and the hit+run…

OK – long time coming with a blog post — I really do love blogging for you all, but last week was my birthday week (yes, week! not day…haha…that’s how we do it over at Pink Cloud..) and there was so much going on – you see that I can’t even get off my phone to take this picture at my actualy birthday party, which was held at the hit+run’s new studio space at Little Radio.

Polite in Public took some really fun pictures (check out the site – listed under events, 7/24 hit+run warming), and I was showered with love from dublab (a very big warm thanks to frosty for helping me make a set that kutmah helped me execute at the way end of the night, and was powered by druhaha’s special birthday cupcake and matthew david‘s chill out presence… and of course an extra special thanks to kutmah, the gaslamp killer, and dj friends of the h+r that brought the positive vibe and my lovely girls to the dance floor), from Johnny at Jumpzone who gave me a pink cotton candy machine that the lovely Pink Cloud intern Melissa made with flower stems – the new Pink Cloud trademark! –

drinks provided by Arnold of Bossa Wines, Enrico of 4 Copas Organic Tequila, Ross of Honest Tea, and Brandy’s own cash drop for some kegs with what I hear was “actually really good beer!” hooray! And of course the best part was seeing everyone happy and excited to get their tees, dresses, undies, pants, etc. customized by the hit and run crew on-site. I was rocking Louis Verdad to the fullest, THANKS LOUIS!!

A very, very special thanks to Brandy Flower and Toks for hosting a fantastic party and letting me and all the beautiful people in my life share his opening day with him and the hit and run.

For all those who missed it or didn’t get me a present – shame, shame… but in lieu of gifts, please donate to the people who power my life everyday with their creativity and beautiful perspective: hehe…yes, i know… sarah, so much dublab!! seriously – check them out, they’re ammmmaaazinngg….

~ by pinkcloudevents on July 29, 2008.

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