Sustainable Works, SpaceX, Space 15 Twenty, Secondhand Sureshots

This weekend I bounced around to catch up with a some exciting people:

Barent Roth, who will be taking on his new position as Executive Director of Sustainable Works – a community program that provides hands-on instruction and consulting for businesses and individuals to understand and achieve sustainability. Currently located in Santa Monica and hopefully a city near you…

Elon Musk, a powerhouse behind PayPal/TeslaMotors/Solar City and SpaceX – an American space transportation start-up company. Elon spoke about the possibilities of space travel to the Hollywood Hill group at the home of Dennis and Victoria Hopper.



Jeff Bowers, one of the cool cats behind The Hope Gallery, which has an installation up at the new hipster mall in Hollywood, Space 15 Twenty that celebrated its opening this weekend.

Dublab‘s Frosty, Daedelus, Ras G, DJ Nobody, Brandy Flower and the Hit and Run Crew for the documentary screening of Secondhand Sureshots – way sold out show and live performance where the guys mixed incredible songs within minutes from the audience’s vinyl record collection.

Check these people out!!


~ by pinkcloudevents on December 8, 2008.

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