Shane’s New Mix

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Download Shane’s new mix and call us to make your party a guaranteed dance fest:


Denauguration of the Blackberry…

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Today, after reading in the papers about Obama having to give up his blackberry 8830 world edition, exactly the same as yours truly (sans hello kitty stickers), I had my first true feeling of empathy for our new President. GIVE UP THE BBERRY?! I wonder if anyone told him he had to do that before running for the presidency….At least he negotiated a laptop computer in the Oval Office. Can you even imagine not working without a computer? Bananas. We’re wishing the very best to our new President as he takes us into 2010.

Christopher Russell’s show at the Hammer opens tonight

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Come say hi to Christopher Russell and listen to his talk at his first ever solo show, presented by the Hammer Museum. The photograph above is cut with xacto knives, there is wallpaper made of text, and lots more. Although I got a sneak peek of Christopher’s show off his iphone earlier this week at a LACE auction meeting, this is most definitely best seen in person.

LA Style Unveiled coming soon

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When I first started Pink Cloud in 2006, no one really knew about “green weddings.”  One of my first interviews was actually with NPR about the new trend popping up and we became the first people to produce an eco-luxury bridal salon (check out So I’m really happy to say that the wedding industry nationwide has embraced the idea of going green  – and doing it with a bit of style. makes this evident, as a newcomer on the wedding website circuit with an impressive list of 101 ways to go green for your wedding day. I look forward to welcoming the editor, Heather Sharpe, into town next week at our favorite  super eco-venue, Smog Shoppe. Keep a look  out for Pink Cloud on and of course think pink for your green wedding!

Problems solved! Our slogan for 2009

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Hello 2009!!

This new year (and truly, every day if you put it into perspective) brings us all apparent challenges and not so apparent solutions, both in large ways and small. As an event producer, I regularly find myself working with my team to solve the same problems – How do we finance this project? Who is onboard with our vision?? Will this work??? Regardless of the challenge that we face, I believe there are three necessary steps to take in order to find the best solutions, which I’ve outlined here with accompanying questions to get to the heart of the problem (or the answer!)

1. Look to our leaders –
Who inspires me to be great? What has that person done or experienced that is relevant to my circumstance? How was he/she successful? What mistakes were made? What projects are they working on now and why?

2. Work cooperatively amongst each other –
Who is my greatest advocate? How can I give support to their goals? Who challenges me the most? What makes us different? What common goals or values do we share? How can we achieve those together?

3. Mentor our youth – 
What concerns the next generation? In what ways do they think we need change?  How can I explain our processes, systems, and values in an easy way? Will our future be happy with our present? 

 It’s my sincerest wish that you overcome your challenges with trailblazing solutions, and celebrate with us at Pink Cloud Events in 2009. If you are creating an event that is riddled with problems, or would like to be on our mailing list – please email and we will get you sorted!

Happy Holidays!!

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Mini Gordon Ramsay

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Awesome promo video for